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Sustainable Journey

MIFB’s Sustainable Journey Towards Championing Zero Food Waste

MIFB is dedicated to driving zero food waste efforts and will be the first F&B trade show in Malaysia to measure and address food waste generated at the event. Through our partnership with Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, we will convert collected food waste into compost. This compost will be utilised as crop fertiliser, benefiting and supporting the orang asli (indigenous) communities.

Reducing Impact on Environment

For dedicated trade show attendees, the accumulation of lanyards, badges and printed materials can be quite significant. While visiting prominent events like MIFB is always a preferred choice, it raises the question of how many of these lanyards, plastic pouches, and paper actually end up being recycled, and how many are simply discarded as waste.

Here are 5 ways event waste is reduced at MIFB:


QR codes as e-badges to reduce lanyards, plastic pockets and paper badges


Digitalising common printed event materials like show directories and guides


Reducing printed brochures and name cards through QR scanning at booths


Minimising the use of carpet along the exhibition walkways


Preparing clearly-labelled recycling bins around the exhibition halls to encourage proper disposals

UN Sustainable Development Goals addressed:

Goal 2

End Hunger

Goal 9

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13

Climate Action

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