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5 reasons to visit MIFB 2023

In 2022, MIFB will become the centre of the food & beverage business for the neighbourhood countries to expand their global market. It will be curated for all the sectors from retail, catering & manufacturing to the import/export trade, you’ll find a good purpose and inspiration at our show that will be taking place in a HYBRID format.

1. MIFB is the largest Food & Beverage Trade Fair in Malaysia

As the largest trade fair, we hold the responsibility to provide a better platform for our visitors. Through our show, visitors are able to explore local and international products.

2. Moving forward to Sustainability

MIFB is aiming to bring exhibitors that have been actively involved in producing sustainable & organic food products. In a way, consumer behaviour has changed as they’re more into healthy organic foods. Hence, visitors can know sustainable products for the betterment of their future healthy living.

3. Spot the evolving innovations in the industry

As a visitor, you will be able to explore the growth that has been taken place in the food and beverage industry. MIFB brings innovative and futuristic F&B products to your sights.

4. Meet your future business partners

MIFB is a platform for F&B business fraternities to have a better opportunity in meeting potential exhibitors and buyers from various sectors in the industry. You may also stand a chance to meet with the best partner for your business expansion.

5. Build your network

We want you to get the benefit from visiting us. Make new contacts, find the right suppliers or traders & build your network connection all in one place – MIFB!