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Experience the annual global gathering of industry players at MIFB 2024, your unrivaled source for F&B products from around the world. With a record of 500 exhibitors and diverse country pavilions, MIFB unveils new business opportunities and provides solutions to evolving global challenges.

  • Secure your registration today for a 3-day access pass to the Exhibition Halls, Knowledge Programs, and the Networking Event App and many more.
  • If you hold a senior buyer role with procurement responsibilities, you’re eligible to apply for our trade buyer status.

All applications will undergo a review based on Trade Buyer qualification criteria and are subject to organizer approval.

Why choose mifb

Reason To Visit MIFB '24

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Take Part In One Of Malaysia’s Hallmark Trade Fairs

As one of Malaysia’s premier trade fair, we’re committed to providing an engaging experience. Explore a world of local and international exhibits!

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Explore Sustainable And Innovative F&B Options

At MIFB, we are dedicated to showcasing exhibitors actively engaged in producing sustainable and innovative food products. Discover the latest trends leaning towards healthier, sustainable food choices in today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape.

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Discover Industry Innovations

Visitors will be able to step into the dynamic world of food and beverage industry growth at MIFB. Witness an array of innovative and futuristic F&B products on display, paving the way for the future.

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Connect With Future Business Partners

Seize the opportunity to network with exhibitors and potential partners from diverse sectors in the F&B industry. Your next big collaboration awaits!

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Grow Your Network At MIFB

We’re here to make sure you have a fantastic time at MIFB. Connect with new people, find the perfect business partners, and build lasting relationships, all under the welcoming umbrella of MIFB!


Who will be attending?


Super & hyper markets, convenience stores, grocers, organic stores, gourmet or specialty retailers, online retailers

Food Service

Restaurants, bars & pubs, food outlets, caterers, cafes, bistros and bakeries

Channel Partners

Distributors, exporters, importers, wholesalers, warehouse, logistics

Hospitality & Travel

Airlines, cruise lines, rails, country & recreational clubs, hotels and resorts


Agriculture, domestic & international trade, consumerism and state authorities


TV, digital, print and radio journalists


MIFB 2023

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