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Explore creativity, connect with thought leaders, and ignite innovation in a genuine and collaborative atmosphere. Join our community, where knowledge sharing, networking, and genuine collaboration are at the heart of our mission. Your journey to F&B success begins here, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

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Top 5 Reasons to Exhibit at MIFB '24

Maximize Your Networking
Opportunities At MIFB 2024

Maximize your networking opportunities at MIFB 2024 with our dynamic event app. Strengthen your connections and engage with potential buyers not only during the event but also in the pre- and post-event phases, all through this user-friendly tool. For MIFB '24, we’re bringing exciting features, including a new F&B Conference, a dedicated Startup Village, and an online community, all curated to enhance networking and facilitate ongoing trade discussions.

Your Link To Potential
Business Collaborations

Join MIFB to potentially unlock seamless business collaborations with over 350 exhibitors and gain invaluable insights on industry trends through our Knowledge Programs and Conference, equipping you to thrive in the ever-evolving F&B landscape.

A Significant Trade Fair In Malaysia

MIFB is your gateway to success in the food and beverage industry. Our substantial growth, with a 50% increase in exhibition space, means more opportunities for you. In 2019, we were recognized as the No. 1 Food & Beverage Trade Fair in Malaysia and received a Special Award from the Malaysia Book of Records, making us ‘Malaysia’s Largest F&B Trade Fair.’ As an exhibitor, you can tap into this dynamic platform to elevate your brand and expand your influence in the ASEAN region.

Exploring Global Flavors
And Opportunities

Supercharge Your Exhibit’s Success with MIFB’s Marketing Packages. At MIFB '24, Explore Global Culinary Diversity and Expand Your Market Reach. Immerse yourself in Cutting-Edge Industry Innovations and Connect with Professionals Worldwide. Unlock the Full Potential of Your Exhibit with Our Custom Marketing Packages, Elevating Your Brand’s International Exposure.

Amplify Your
Brand Presence

Enhance your brand’s visibility at MIFB 2024 and grow in Malaysia and ASEAN. Connect with important buyers online and in person. In 2024, we plan to bring exhibitors from 14 categories, including fresh produce, dairy, seafood, halal, and more, offering plenty of options for buyers and visitors.


MIFB 2024’s Event App: Your
Networking Powerhouse

At MIFB, we’re harnessing the power of smart event technology to introduce MIFB ’24’s Event App. This tool promises a seamless, effective, and enhanced experience for participants, amplifying networking opportunities and making your event interaction more dynamic.

Product category

Explore Our 14 Key Segments


Interested To Be
One of Our Exhibitors?

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Our booth

Explore Our Booth Option

01 Bare Space

This is rental of space only. Exhibitors are responsible for their own booth design, construction and furnishing. All electrical equipment and installation must be undertaken by the Official Contractor.

02 Standard Shell Scheme

This package inclusive of:-
• Fascia board with exhibitor company name and booth number
• Needle punch carpet
• 1 unit of 13amp power point
• 3 units of spotlight
• 1 unit of information desk • 2 units of folding chairs
• 1 unit of waste bin

03 Enhanced Shell Scheme

This package inclusive of:-
• Fascia board with exhibitor company name and booth number
• Needle punch carpet
• 2 units of shelving for product display
• 1 unit of 13amp power point
• 4 units of spotlight
• 1 unit of information desk
• 1 unit of round table
• 2 units of folding chairs
• 2 units of curve chairs
• 1 unit of waste bin

MIFB Exhibitor
Marketing Toolkit

This marketing toolkit includes materials that will help you extend success at MIFB. Maximise your booth presence by inviting your customers, leads and peers to visit your booth at MIFB 2024!

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Event Brochure

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