25th October 2021- Malaysia International Food and Beverage (MIFB) Trade fair is proud to present our new futuristic branding !!!!!!

Rebranding is way more than redesigning a new logo and calling it a day. It is all about improving our brand awareness, re-energising our company’s vision and creating great values in honoring the new brand without abandoning the old ones.

We’re excited to announce our brand new futuristic identity. Existing brand with new image. Over the last few months,  we poured our hearts and souls in producing an amazing new look.

MIFB will continue to grow, evolve and reflect who we are today and to honour our commitment to drive the food and beverage industry into the future. In the spirit of rebranding, we will improvise and give each and every exhibitor, buyers and visitors an  holistic experience in the new normal. The MIFB hybrid platform helps in providing greater oportunities for all participants.

MIFB decided to go with green teal for the logo because of the sophisticated look. Teal green’s positive traits are healing, friendliness, invigoration, clarity, creativity, and calm. It also symbolized the changing of consumers’ desire for natural and healthier alternatives. Green is also becoming a more important color in the food supply chain due to the shift in consumer thinking towards sustainability and plant based food.

“Business climates evolve, so do brands. As an established F&B trade fair, MIFB is being refreshed to give a new narrative to the future of the food business in the region.” Mr Henri Tan, Project Director of Malaysia International Food and Beverage(MIFB) Trade Fair 


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