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Trends of Sustainable Seafood In 2021

As we know, seafood is usually protein from the ocean. But these days, the whole seafood industry is venturing into many categories and trends. For example, plant-based seafood? Who knew that “plant-based” seafood will be a hit in the 21st century.

Therefore, we would like to elaborate more on the current trends of sustainable seafood.

Superfood seaweed

Due to the pandemic, everyone has been indoors for the longest time. Some people are worried about gaining weight and not being healthy. Therefore everyone is trying their best to eat healthily and stay fit. The market sales show huge sales in plant-based seafood. Especially seaweed and sea vegetables.

Many food entrepreneurs are now combining plant-based seafood in their menus and stores. In this way, everyone can live a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy goods.

As we know, seaweed is a staple food in Korean and Japanese cuisine. What is sushi and gimbap without seaweed? The umami flavour brings out the natural sodium taste which is both nutritious and healthy.


What is Seaganism? It’s definitely similar to veganism. Seaganism is known as a vegan diet where we include healthy protein and sustainable seafood. Especially salmon, as we know, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids where we can consume it both cooked and raw.

Japanese cuisine is known for its “sashimi” (raw protein). Seagens focused more on a seafood vegan diet. Google seaganism and you’ll be amazed. For your info, during the annual Food and Drink Report 2021, the UK supermarket Waitrose noted that sales in British seafood have tripled in the past six months.

Growth of seafood delivery and take-out concepts

As we know due to the pandemic, dine-in is not allowed in so many countries. We often think that seafood should be consumed in restaurants due to its freshness. Therefore many restaurants these days are utilizing the “meal kits’ ‘ concept where they could preserve the freshness and quality of the food. Especially “seafood” For example at Jean Sur Mer, they provide a drive-in takeaway with a simplified menu including a cod burger with pickled vegetables and jalapeño sauce and Pimp my Shrimp, a shrimp croquette in a crispy bun with fresh herbs and rouille mayo.

Accountability, authenticity, and abundance

We definitely took 2019 for granted. Who knew that we will be facing a pandemic in 2020. This shows that we should always be prepared for the future. In any industry, accountability, authenticity, and abundance are crucial. Especially in 2021 because the whole market and industries are changing based on the pandemic. Therefore, enjoying seafood in restaurants is impossible due to the current situation.

During its peak, we should thank the food entrepreneurs for providing seafood of the best quality. We are all responsible and accountable for the future of the ocean no matter what. Let’s all take this opportunity to thank mother nature for its amazing seafood goodness. We should all preserve this marine life for the upcoming generations.

In conclusion, Seafood is definitely one of the crucial segments in the food industry. Therefore it would be great if everyone would take some initiative in understanding seafood trends better. We are in 2021 and facing a pandemic, therefore I’m sure all the food trends are different now compared to life before the pandemic.

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