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Top 4 Seafood You Can Find in Korea

South Koreans consume a substantial quantity of seafood and have even successfully promoted seafood to be a healthy alternative to red meat as it is protein-rich and easily available. With South Korea’s very strategic geographic location, it is known that this beautiful country has become one of the world’s top 10 seafood supplies. Dive in and explore the riches from the seas that South Korea has to offer at MIFB e-Exhibition today.

Uljin’s Snow Crabs

Uljin in North Gyeongdang Province is a three-hour drive from Seoul and it is known for the home of snow crabs. Snow crabs are caught along the east coast during the winter season and It was food for the kings by reason of its soft texture and sweet flavour of the flesh.

Jusin Foods Co.,Ltd supplies Uljin Red Show Crab that is only caught on the east coast of South Korea. The Frozen red snow crab comes in 3 types of product packaging including crab legs, minced crab legs and crab body. Jusin Foods’s business priority is customer satisfaction on quality, hygiene and ethical management. They apply very strict HACCP practice and KFDA making its best efforts to meet the requirements of food safety. Visit them now at their e-store to purchase Frozen snow crab. Visit Now

The Milk of The Sea

Oyster has often been called “the milk of the sea” for its high nutrient content and has been the main food ingredient in the Koreans diet. Oysters could be found in many Korean dishes including porridge, rice soup, eaten raw or wrap with boiled meat in salted cabbage. Seyang Co., Ltd has been a leading seafood processor/ exporter/ importer among Korean Seafood Companies. There are carrying assorted frozen seafood that captures from the offshore to the ocean. Find out more seafood Seyang is supplying, check out their e-store at our platform now! Check out now

The Beauty of Seaweed

Seaweed is rich in protein and vitamins, it is a nutritious food that Koreans commonly eat as a side dish with rice. Eatable seaweed is also known as ‘Kim’ in Korean name. Korea laver is also well known on its features and the demand is booming as more and more people recognize it as a well-being snack and enjoying eating it as a healthy snack. Daeryuk Foods have their own philosophy of “Clean food, healthy people” and always strive to become a food company that consumers trust. The seasoned seaweed does not use preservatives and silica gel, it is served in a delicious and fresh state. Find out the different types of seaweed and flavours they are selling at their e-store now. Find Out More

The Pen-shell Scallop

Pen-shell the scallop is quite common in South Korea, you can easily look for it in any markets or restaurants. It can be found in soup dishes, bake, grill, stir fry, or even eat it raw as sashimi. It is highly nutritious with protein, mineral and vitamins that allow people to consume raw safely.

Seohaekijogae Fisheries Union Corporation is specialized in key shell food processing company. It participates research on key shell processing technology of the Korea Food Research Institute to provide safe and tasty products. All hygienic management and production facilities are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Look up to their e-store now! Click Here To Visit

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