The Healthy Snacks Industry

What’s trending for snacks?

“Demand grows for healthy snacks because consumers choosing a healthy lifestyle.”

As the world is being overwhelmed with various ranges of modern snacking, It’s the manufacturers or food producers responsible to identify the better-for-you options. Of course, snacks that are healthy to be snacked. Consumers might need more snack choices today. This is because the nature of living today is fast changing to organic and sustainable ways.

Let us guide you on what you need to know about healthy snacks that are trending and emerging today.

  • Less Sugar

Everyone’s concern is SUGAR! Although sweetness is typically necessary for a sweet snack the consumers are having different opinions and tastes today. The lesser the sugar, the healthier the snack – is the only life motto for certain health-conscious consumers. Consumer preference for a clean label for ingredients to identify the sugar level thus manufacturers should work to meet the growing demand for lower sugar snacks.

  • Bites

This might be another key aspect a manufacturer should look into to produce a healthy snack. Portion control means so much for certain consumers especially those who are on a diet. Miniature or bite-sized portions of snacks represent innovation. From mini flaxseed crisps to seed cubes to superfood bites, small snacks offer consumers a new way to experience and enjoy some of their favourite ideal foods.

  • Functional Nutrition

Crucial to add or offer functional nutrition through snacks. Its the next important aspect for health-conscious consumers. Energy, focus and relaxation are few functional leads that are expected in a snack today. Clear messaging around the product’s benefits is also important as consumers may not always be familiar with certain ingredients.

“Healthy snack is ultimately the best choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The snack industry could unveil new opportunities in near future by offering various ranges of healthy snacks…”

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