The Future Is Here: MIFB Partners With Thought For Food Foundation

Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia, the organizer for Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB) 2022 is announcing a strategic partnership with Thought For Food Foundation (TFF) to co-present “THE FUTURE FOOD & AGTECH INNOVATION EXTRAVAGANZA” at the MIFB 2022. Both parties will be entering a multi-year partnership to collaborate on numerous events that drive forward investment and impact in the food and agricultural sector across Southeast Asia.

TFF’s partnership with Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia comes on the heels of its recent showcase of Future FoodTech Festival which held successfully in January 2022 brought together 60+ international and local change makers and powerhouses, and introduced the innovative foods that are helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable food system across Southeast Asia.

The Future Food & AgTech Innovation Extravaganza aims to bring together a diverse community of young leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase cutting-edge agri-foodtech and next-gen solutions for food system transformation. The Future Food & AgTech Innovation Extravaganza is part of the MIFB flagship event that takes place from 6-8 July 2022 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This premier event will also aim to connect industry players, innovators, startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporations to accelerate, invest and inspire about the future of food and agriculture. This platform will open up the floodgate for food innovations and link up partnerships to succeed.

Melissa Ong, CEO, Southeast Asia,
Thought For Food Foundation

“We are pleased to work with MIFB to co-present this trendsetting event.” Said Melissa Ong, CEO, Southeast Asia, Thought For Food Foundation. “With the growing urgency of the impact of food systems on climate, health and nutrition, and the environment, we are excited by the opportunity to come together to focus on the right path forward that is focused on increasing investments, creating policy incentives, building capacities, and developing smart partnerships that will develop and scale the agrifood solutions we need to meet our pressing local challenges and achieve global impact.”

Thought For Food Foundation is a non-profit foundation with more than 30,000 next-generation leaders from over 175 countries, empowering them to generate and scale breakthrough business ventures that build sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food systems. TFF set up its first Regional Hub in Southeast Asia headquartered in Malaysia with a goal to unite the world’s foremost local and global experts and innovators to develop the breakthrough technologies, the essential collaborative capabilities, and the impactful business ventures that will make the Southeast Asia’s food and land-use sector a vibrant, digitalised, and profitable sector for generations to come.

Henri Tan, Project Director of MIFB

“Exhibitions today is no longer just a marketplace for vendors and clients to network and trade.” Said Henri Tan, Project Director of MIFB. “As one of the cornerstone exhibitions in the trade calendar, MIFB can play a significant role in shaping the future of the food and agriculture industry. Hence with this partnership with TFF, we hope that visitors take this opportunity to discover solutions developed by the brightest minds to make food production sustainable. Perhaps you too can be a part of the solution in building a better food supply chain for future generations.”

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