Condiments from South Korea is now ready to export

Seasoning is an essential ingredient for chefs to enhance the taste and flavour of the food while cooking, or even to extend the storage life of foods. Korean food flavour is very much on the quantity of the seasonings. The most common seasoning ingredients you can look for in the market are sesame oil, Korean […]

Japan Homegrown Products

There are a few major crops homegrown in Japan such as rice, fruits and vegetables. Japanese crops are famous among other countries because of their careful handling to ensure the finest quality is presented. It would be worth nothing if the freshness of the crops is not preserved. Besides, environmentally friendly agriculture has become a […]

Muslim-friendly Standards

There is no indication the COVID-19 threat is going to go away anytime soon and all this uncertainty has been prompting mega events around the world to be cancelled or postponed. One of the biggest sporting events this year, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has already been postponed to 23 July 2021 but there is now […]

Pivot Your Small F&B Business Online Today

Does Your Small F&B Business Have a B2B e-Commerce Site? Customers keep asking about it but you just haven’t had the time or the resources to create an e-commerce site for your small business. As much as you want to move your brick and mortar store online, you’re just not sure where to start. You’ve […]

E-Trade Is the Saviour In The Current Situation

The internet is no more the new frontier, it is the frontier as more and more people are preferring to do all their shopping online, including their food shopping. This does not just mean ordering their groceries online but also ordering their meals using their electronic devices. And picking them up on the go, whether […]

An Overview Of Pasteurization

Back in the 1800s, milk was being mass-produced to meet consumer demands. However, with this great production came a lot of milk-borne diseases linked to consuming raw milk. This prompted scientists and wives across Europe to find ways to make the milk they feed their families safe for consumption. Enter a French scientist Louis Pasteur […]

Pickles’s Story

Pickles may not be the most glamorous or sexiest of foods but do you know that this method of food preservation has been around since at least 2030 BCE? That is, according to the New York Food Museum. During this time, cucumbers, which are native to India and grown on the foothills of the Himalayas […]

Upgrading The Supply Chain

Food distribution involves a variety of companies, organisations, and programmes that collect food from producers and storing it in warehouses. This is then delivered to manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants and the regular consumer prowling the morning wet market in search of fresh food to cook for lunch. However, anything can go wrong from farm to […]

Quality In A Can

Walk down any supermarket, mini market or convenience store aisle and you will see rows upon rows of brightly labelled, canned products. On these same labels there can be sentences like “Premium quality”, “100% quality” and basically any phrases that imply the contents are the best there is out there. Yet, have you ever wondered […]

What It Takes To Be Halal

So as we know by now, halal does not just apply to the food and beverage (F&B) industry. However, since this is an F&B blog, let’s focus on just this aspect. We can’t just call our products “halal” on a whim, even if you follow the halal methods of preparing food and drinks. In fact […]