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Mobakher and Partners Solidarity co.

For every olive tree throughout the ages, there is a journey that started from a seed. And Mobakher is a story whose motto is olive and oil. It started from the fruits of this blessed tree and today it has become a specialized company that produces more than 20 varieties of it.

We at Mobakher specialize in providing 10 different types of olives, each with several flavors.

Besides olives, olive oil is most of our passions. From the Mediterranean fields of Syria, from a blessed tree, Mobakher’s story became.

We are proud that our specialty is manufacturing and offering this product to our customers everywhere. Since our beginning and we are doing our best to develop production quality, we have accomplished wide steps which helped us access the international market.

We are happy to play this role, we are happy to serve you and meet your request. And we also accept all your notes with sincere thanks.

The two guiding principles of Mobakher since its foundation are:

  1. The manufacture of the best quality products
  2. The maintenance of the uppermost levels of production.

And all our products are made with the best raw materials available and given the utmost care in finishing.

Our infinite search for better materials gives us the spirit to constantly upgrade our products in the utmost possible way. And the factory was furnished with very modern equipment and the most approved procedures and manufacturing methods of recent technological development in this area.

Our products and their excellent taste are the factors behind our dominance of the local market and the reasons for the expansion of our export to the Arab, and European markets.

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