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Key trends that will shape the global Food, Beverage and Food Service industries

It’s expected the global trend will be having a major change in the food and beverage industry in a decade.

Consumers further priorities having a plant-based diet on a daily meal, it shows that they have a better understanding of the changes that occur in the food trend over the years. Meanwhile, with consumers expected to live longer, many would be interested in learning & practising a healthy lifestyle.

Food and Beverage companies have been facing many obstacles due to pandemic, from discovering new trends to implementing strategic solutions to enhance their business at the global level.

Here’s a glimpse of key trends that are believed will format the global food, beverage and food security industries.

  • Smart Diets

Looking ahead, more consumers will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of their biology through personal health testing kits which will empower them to personalise their diet and health regimes. Analysis of these tools will inform consumers of the steps they need to take to address every aspect of their health, including brain and emotional wellbeing. As a result, to succeed over the next decade, brands will need to offer more personalised product offerings, develop smart home solutions, and assist consumers in addressing mood and brain health.

  • High-Tech Harvests

Moving ahead with the sustainable, healthy, and cost benefits of lab-grown food will be crucial in educating consumers about nature-identical alternatives. But the food and drink industry will be compelled to elevate the role of nature, and humans, in a new modern solution. Transparency of information is essential to building trust in a future where scientists play as integral a role as farmers. And championing the people behind the food whether it is grown in a laboratory or a field, will remain a timeless way of building trust with consumers.

  • Eco-Friendly

The companies that will win in the next 10 years will be those that fuel the new era of conscious consumption. Tomorrow’s conscious consumers will be looking for eco-friendly packaging and products, while also seeking guidance on how to make their diets more sustainable.

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