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Importance of Food Traceability in the Food and Beverage industry

Food traceability is defined as the highest possibility of historical tracking in food products such as raw and semi-finished items which are able to ensure all the finished products are safe for consumption.

The dramatic increase in global trading and the complexity of supply chains has caused several issues concerning the authentication of food. With the rise of global product recalls, more regulations have been implemented to protect the end consumer than ever before.

Traceability started to play an important role in the Food & Beverage industry. The global food supply chain today has evolved into a tangled web as companies seek to enhance their capabilities to feed the world’s growing population.

  • Ensure food safety

An effective way to stop food contamination completely, F&B companies can significantly lower the risk with an effective food traceability system. While everyone in the industry is responsible for ensuring that food products are safe for public consumption, a comprehensive food traceability system will provide trust amongst the people.

  • Easy to track the location of Food Products

By using food traceability, your business can identify any product’s current location. Besides that, you will be able to record, verify, and track each product’s entire history through the supply chain. If an issue arises in your supply chain, the tracking system enables you to trace back the particular issue originated from.

  • A rise in consumer awareness

Today, consumers are more concern about the actual product’s nutrients facts and as well the whole process of the product. Therefore, every Food & Beverages manufactures should pay more attention to the information such as processing methods, packaging, transportation logistics, certificates & as well as the quality of each ingredient.

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