Condiments from South Korea is now ready to export

Seasoning is an essential ingredient for chefs to enhance the taste and flavour of the food while cooking, or even to extend the storage life of foods. Korean food flavour is very much on the quantity of the seasonings. The most common seasoning ingredients you can look for in the market are sesame oil, Korean chilli pepper paste, Korean chilli pepper flakes, fermented soybean paste, soy sauce and many more. Today, MIFB e-exhibition introducing you some exceptional seasoning from South Korea.


 Seaweed seasoning that you will love

Seaweed is a food source for ocean life, it grows along the shorelines full of rocks. It is convertible and can be used in many dishes in Korea such as soups, kimbap, salads, stew and many more. Seaweed is also highly nutritious and healthy that contains vitamins and minerals without adding many calories.

Therefore, Koreans have a creative and smart idea to process seaweed into multiple food ingredients to promote its goodness. BT Nature has created a natural fusion of Korean seaweed and ultra-low molecular minerals product named Mineral seaweed sauce. It has 2 different types of seaweed sauce, it can be used as a salad dressing or a condiment while eating your meal with rice. Find out more about these unique condiments below.

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The fish sauce you will amaze

Fish sauce is a liquid condiment made from fish or krill coated with salt and fermented for a few years. With these few ingredients being fermented for a few years, it brings many flavours into every dish when you cook using fish sauce. Fermentation has been used for many years to bring in the flavours from fish, meat to vegetables. Many cultures have used fermentation towards their food and most commonly found in Asian cooking.

Busan International Fisheries Cooperative had made used of anchovies and sand lances to manufacture the sand lance extract sauce and anchovy sauce. Both sauce are fermented with 77% of sand lance or anchovy, 25% of Korean bay salt and it is 100% natural ripening ferment for more than 2 years. Check out these amazingly fragrant sauce below.

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