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Boundless Opportunities At MIFB 2019 Trade Fair

Suffice to say the food industry encompasses almost everything that is anything. However, the actual harvesting and creation of edible products are not all the sector is about. There is also the equipment, technology, business-savvy, innovation and processes that makeup what is probably the oldest industry in the world. After all, man cannot live without food.

Coming on 26 June 2019, Malaysia’s biggest food & beverage (F&B) event will take place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This year, the Malaysian International Food & Beverage (MIFB) 2019 Trade Fair will see more than 600 companies from over 50 countries participating in their four key segments.

Halal Food

MIFB 2019 will offer more diversified Halal Food segment to the trade visitor. Malaysia has always been perceived as the global leader in the global halal industry, with a proper halal ecosystem that is equipped with comprehensive and proactive policies as well as the frameworks to develop the halal industry. Although halal standards can be applied across all industries, halal awareness and observance are the highest within the food and beverage industry, making compliance to be very important.

According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report (DinarStandard 2016/17), a total of US$1.2 trillion was spent on food and beverages by the global Muslim population in 2015, representing 17% of the total expenditure in that sector. Factoring in accelerating population growth and rising incomes, the world’s Muslim population will be spending US$1.9 trillion on food and beverages by 2021. Based on an expected average annual growth rate of 9%, this will account for 18.3% of the total global expenditure in this sector.

Food & Beverage

Once again, MIFB will be bringing in a plethora of F&B providers, innovators and industry experts offering a huge range of products under one roof. There will be a Natural & Healthy Produce showcase that is an ideal platform for companies to demonstrate just how healthy and beneficial their products are to the wider market. With everyone going health conscious these days and the demand for nutritious, healthy food increasing, this showcase will be more than just a stepping stone. It’s a catapult to the top.


A new generation of food products needs more creative processing techniques and equipment to allow manufacturers to upscale production, duplicate and supply these foods on a commercial scale. On the local front, Malaysia’s total processed food contributed about RM18 billion with the country exporting to more than 200 countries, while import processed food totaled RM17.8 billion in 2015. Held alongside with MIFB 2019, the 10th year of International F&B Machinery, Packaging & Services Solutions Exhibition (FoodTech 2019) will be welcoming the industry players with technological advances to come under one roof to showcase and foster business relationships with the right target market.

Seafood & Fishery

According to the 11th Malaysia Plan, the seafood industry is now being developed heavily to encourage local and foreign producers to engage in the Malaysian seafood market. Southeast Asian countries recorded consumption of 33.6kg per year, with Malaysia being one of the highest in the world (56.5kg per year).

MIFB 2019 will bring back Seafood & Fishery Asia 2019 to cater to this lucrative industry. The event will be a sourcing point for buyers in need of a place to source live, fresh and frozen seafood from both international and local resources. Exhibitors are expected from the fresh, frozen, processed and packed, and value-added fish and seafood sectors. This does not include those who are industry service providers and processing and packaging equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Register as an exhibitor or visitor for MIFB 2019 at and hope to see you there.

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