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8 Best Practices for F&B Digital Transformation with BOXS

In today’s digital age, it is important for businesses to keep up with changing customer expectations. This is especially true for the restaurant industry. Digital transformation has become a crucial part to manage every process of F&B industry, as it allows businesses to streamline the operations, reduce costs, and offer a more personalised experience to the customers.

Running a restaurant business is fun, but it’s definitely not as easy as it seems. When trying to achieve business growth, the workflow can become highly complex and overwhelming. Have you ever felt like the results and performance of your F&B business aren’t as impressive as you expected? No worries! Here are some tips on how to strive for your F&B business through digital transformation with BOXS. With a complete range of software, hardware, and payments solutions, BOXS aims to empower restaurant and retail companies with essential technology to help the community enjoy their work, provide seamless customer experiences, and grow their business.

“Previously, our company had to deal with many separate systems – POS, membership, booking and warehouse systems, you name it. But now, we’ve got this one-stop-shop BOXS system that syncs all our data together! It’s a game changer. I can easily check out the sales performance of all our different branches, all in one place.”

Kit Choi, CEO Lassana Coffee

One size doesn’t fit all. From coffee shops and fine dining to various types of chain stores, each company is unique and requires tailored solutions to manage their business operations. BOXS is a future-proof solution that adapts to your business needs while benefiting your entire business cycle. Following are some of the essential areas that could benefit your business with BOXS:

  1. Delightful and Fast sales experienceLet your customers place orders from their preferred method with a fast and seamless experience. Whether your customers would like to order in-store, pick-up or deliver their orders, or quickly make purchases by kiosk or mobile, BOXS got you covered. Within just a few steps you can add apps and connect devices instantly to provide your customers with seamless ordering and payment experiences. BOXS POS supports tablet, web, mobile, kiosk and payment terminal operations including sales for all major operating systems.
  2. Payments Here Payments AnywhereToday customer expectations are shifting to purchase products by their preferred methods of payment. With BOXS, your customers can enjoy lightning-fast ordering and checkout experience! With an average of just 9 seconds per order&payment, BOXS greatly improves restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our Payments solution: boxsPay offers a complete range of payments to sell through online sales channels and in-store terminals. Your restaurant can accept payments by any credit card, cash, QR code payment or digital wallet. To simplify your administrative workload BOXS also automatically consolidates all sales records from all payment methods in a beautiful dashboard to show real-time reports and business insights.
  3. Optimising Kitchen and Inventory managementIt’s time to say goodbye to double ordering, missing inventory and food waste. With highly efficient inventory control system BOXS offers an automated inventory calculation based on the menu and supplier purchasing history for effective restaurant and kitchen management. For every type of F&B business BOXS offers solutions to simplify the workflow. The Chef can keep track of orders with Kitchen Display System (KDS) and see ingredients for each order to decrease order completion timing. For quick service if you like, can add a pick up counter display for easy and efficient operations. As we work with businesses of any size, for those companies that have a Central kitchen, BOXS offers a central kitchen ERP module. It provides additional features with high level to details through the comprehensive and reliable system to control food production.
  4. Taking control of your purchasing and costsTraditionally, managing suppliers and purchasing ingredients has been a highly complex and unstandardized process. BOXS offers a suite of tools to organise and simplify purchasing from suppliers by adding a CRM system, invoicing, and document templates. Once new inventory is delivered, you can add it to the system with just one click or by scanning a barcode and selecting the supplier and categories. All records across your menu and POS are updated automatically.
  5. Managing operations and employees effectivelyWith a designated module for HR management, BOXS provides restaurants with the toolset to track employee attendance, calculate payroll and produce sales performance reports. You can also easily manage employee access at multiple levels to optimise daily business operations.
  6. Create personalised customer experiencesIncreasing customer loyalty is an essential part of the restaurant business. We all love to see people come over and over again to enjoy their favourite products. BOXS offers a customer relationship module with a range of solutions to benefit every step of your interaction with customers. Allow your clients to make bookings and online purchases with a membership system that enables them to earn rewards. Offer coupons, discounts, and VIP levels to create great experiences and introduce new products. More importantly, you can keep track of previous purchases and use meaningful data insights for online marketing.
  7. Real time reportingNo more waiting, errors and boundaries. With BOXS smart business reporting, you can easily customize and check reports with just a few clicks to stay on top of your business performance. Get a real-time business overview through the informative dashboard on any device or using the BOXS app or web browser. The highly customizable reports can be tailored to fit your business requirements. In addition to sales reporting, gain real-time insights from customer and inventory data reporting to make smarter decisions.
  8. Growing your business with unlimited possibilitiesAs your business grows, you may need extra support for your requirements and processes. BOXS is a system that is highly recognized by Chain Stores and Food Courts around Asia for the performance and adaptivity that you can trust. You can easily create new stores, set up menus, allocate sales channels, payment methods and connect all the hardware in under 1.5 hours. With our smart bulk import technology, some customers manage and upload thousands of ingredients, SKUs and menu items within a moment. Your business could be a chain shop with similar workflow or a group of independent restaurants. We learned from the industry and made an adaptive POS, which fits various restaurant categories, chain store management, franchise or group. For example you can have different setup for: coffee shop, quick service, bar, canteen, fine dining or marketplace among many other business models.

Quick Facts: Why do customers choose BOXS?
  • Most companies that start to use BOXS had been previously using over 10 different software products to manage business. They choose BOXS as it offers the flexibility to manage all business processes, sales channels, accept payments and even manage multiple stores, within one unified system.
  • BOXS is recognized for outstanding product experience with stable updates and simple user experience.
  • BOXS Provides local support and services across APAC countries.

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