4 Reasons Why Exhibitions Should be a Part of Your Post-pandemic Marketing

The pandemic has introduced a variety of virtual and digital platforms for businesses to market their products, such as virtual exhibitions, online stores, e-payment systems and so on with varying degrees of success. However, as time passes and with the borders open now, businesses are turning back to the tried-and-true method of physical interactions in their marketing strategies.

If you’re looking for a platform to pitch your product line-ups or services in a face-to-face setting, here are 4 reasons why MIFB 2022 is the place for you to be in:

Maximize brand awareness

Unlike other physical marketing campaigns, trade fairs offer you a focused group of purchasers, suppliers, and relevant players that are involved in your industry segment, and they are all gathered in one venue to look out for the latest developments in their industry or to discover new connections.

Participate in a trade fair and your brand will be visible to all the participants before, during, and even after the fair concludes. Besides the standard exhibitor listings and pre-show marketing materials, exhibitions offer plenty of opportunities for brand exposure, such as on-site advertisements, promotional campaigns, customized booth stand designs, and sponsorship opportunities that will catch your prospective clientele’s attention.

Furthermore, meeting your prospective clients face-to-face helps in building trust in your company and brand image.

Whether you are a rising star that seeks to stand among the established brands internationally, or an industry giant reaffirming their brand superiority, trade fairs such as MIFB is a must-have tool to include in your overall branding strategy!

Generate new quality leads

Apart from building your brand’s visibility, trade fairs provide an effective platform for your business to meet with future business partners from domestic and international markets.

In 2019 alone, MIFB had over 20,000 trade visitors coming from 66+ countries and regions, in search for new products, suppliers, and to see the latest trends in the markets, and over 78% of these visitors are decision makers or have a say in their company’s purchasing decisions.

Engage With Your Target Audience

Besides from obtaining new business leads, trade fairs are the perfect opportunity for your business to engage with your prospective and existing clientele. Not only are they in the mindset of seeing new things, but they are also more receptive to engagement and feedback when compared to other online and offline marketing campaigns.

This is the perfect environment to conduct product demonstrations, or have your sales personnel speak to customers to understand what they need or speak to existing customers to see what they think of your brand and what can be improved further. Your clients may offer some invaluable insights that will be hard to get otherwise!

Expand Into New Markets

For newcomers in any industry, getting access to the international markets can be a daunting task without the proper knowledge or channels.

Fortunately, international trade exhibitions provide avenues for manufacturers and suppliers to meet with local distributors who are familiar with doing business domestically.

As the largest F&B trade event in Malaysia, MIFB is the place for you to expand into Malaysia and the F&B markets in Asia. In 2019, our Business Matching programme produced 3408 new business connections, along with an estimated US$ 500 million worth of trade discussed across the 3-day fair.

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