Jens Herrmann

Technology Manager – Food at Air Products and Chemicals Shanghai

Jens Herrmann is a Technology Manager Food at Air Products and Chemicals based in Shanghai, where he leads research and development (R&D) of industrial gas applications in the food/beverage industry, especially in food preservation by freezing/chilling with novel industrial gas solutions and process equipment.

Over the past 10 years Jens has successfully collaborated with mayor food producers in Europe and Asia to develop novel products and processes to improve their competitiveness and achieve production targets using industrial gases. Jens believes that a fundamental understanding of food processes is essential to develop and deploy relevant technologies allowing customers to meet current and future demands in an ever changing environment.

Jens holds a diploma in Food Process Engineering from Hochschule Fulda – University of Applied Sciences in Germany and a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de La Laguna in Spain.

Please email [email protected] or go to to contact Jens.