Seafood & Fishery

With the ever increasing demand for seafood in Asia, MIFB will bring back S&F Asia to cater to this lucrative industry. This section will be a sourcing point for buyers in need of a place to source live, fresh and frozen seafood from international and local resources. As stated in 11th Malaysia Plan, the seafood industry is now being developed heavily to encourage local and foreign producers to engage in Malaysian seafood market. In the year 2014, global annual per capita fish consumption has hit a record high of approximately 20kg per year. Southeast Asian countries recorded a 33.6kg per year, with Malaysia being one of the highest in the world (56.5kg per year).

Seafood & Fishery Overview


  • Fresh Fish and Seafood
  • Frozen Fish and Seafood
  • Industry Service Providers
  • Processed and Packed Fish and Seafood
  • Processing and Packaging Equipment
  • Value-added Seafood