Plant-based & Alternative Protein

Malaysian International Trade Fair 2022 will be focusing more on Plant-Based & Alternative Protein since the industry is evolving towards sustainability. In today’s era, having a healthy lifestyle by eating plant-based food is important to humans’ immune systems. In 2020, a huge number of plant-based options were available in every grocery store, fast-food chain and restaurant.

MIFB is proud to be a part of this plant-based & alternative protein culture. There will be more webinars and talks by the professionals on various topics based on plant-based. Adding plant-based or alternative proteins substituting meats is absolutely a good choice for the living of human beings and as well as the animal-being.

  • Getting more plants in your diet helps in preventing cancer, diabetes and weight loss.
  • Plant-based food is rich in fiber where it promotes good bacteria & smoother digestion
  • Research in 2019 shows that a plant-based diet is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death from any cause in middle-aged adults
  • The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants in plants help in keeping all the cells healthy
  • Helps in balancing the immune system where it helps in reducing the risk of having cancer.