MIFB Future Food Panel Discussion

MIFB Future Food Panel Discussion will be happening on 29th and 30th July 2021. MIFB will host a panel discussion on Virtual Trade Fair 2021 to discuss two topics.

The panel will include key international experts from Food and Beverage industry, as well as from academia and the public sector. Register to join the panel discussions below.

29th July 2021

Global Demand on Plant-Based Protein

The panel comprises entrepreneurs and industry experts from the Plant-Based field and has discussed the case for rethinking meat, illuminate diverse career pathways into the burgeoning field of alternative protein, and shared their ideas on how you can make a positive impact in the F&B industry.

30th July 2021

A discussion on Food Technology, Seafood and Sustainability Industries during COVID-19

This panel discussed the challenges that have been faced by the industry and how can be sustainable during the unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19, the transformation of Seafood and Fisheries and Food Technology sectors. Watch the experts share their ideas on how you can make a difference and enhance your business in the F&B industry.

Future Food Webinar Series

As one of the Food and Beverage International Trade Fair in Malaysia dedicated to raising standards, MIFB brings you Future Food Webinar Series that designed to deepen your industry knowledge by the experts and professional from the F&B industry.

Across different series, we will discuss the F&B industry opportunities that grow over the years, share the business prospects, put forward the food and beverage global trends, create awareness on food safety & sustainability and roll out the innovations to be undertaken in each sector.

The audience is our key! We would like to invite the Food and Beverage industry players to participate, engage in the Q&A and learn what the F&B industry might be like in future. Watch all the previous webinars below.


20th May 2021

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27th May 2021

Nano-Packing - From Lab to Market


3rd June 2021

Nutrition As a Lifestyle: Portion Control

10th June 2021

The Many Applications & Benefits of Palm Oil

17th June 2021

Building Sustainable Agriculture Supply Chain Through Technology and Innovation

27th May 2021

Cash Crops: How Food Manufacturers Can Capitalize on Surging Demand for Alternative Proteins


30th July 2021

Biz Talk with Iran-ASEAN Business Council