Trends of Sustainable Seafood In 2021

As we know, seafood is usually protein from the ocean. But these days, the whole seafood industry is venturing into many categories and trends. For example, plant-based seafood? Who knew that “plant-based” seafood will be a hit in the 21st century. Therefore, we would like to elaborate more on the current trends of sustainable seafood. […]

Top 4 Seafood You Can Find in Korea

South Koreans consume a substantial quantity of seafood and have even successfully promoted seafood to be a healthy alternative to red meat as it is protein-rich and easily available. With South Korea’s very strategic geographic location, it is known that this beautiful country has become one of the world’s top 10 seafood supplies. Dive in […]

Fish Auctions Online

Bid and buy freshly caught fish from the comfort of your home or even better, your bed? Why not? Online auctions for fish have been growing in popularity around the region, including Malaysia. Though not exactly Tsukiji Market, the famous fish market in Tokyo where the seafood is auctioned in the wee hours of the […]

Asian Seafood Setbacks

The tides have changed for Southeast Asian fishermen who have had to face the hard truth that their livelihoods are threatened by big trawlers and illegal fishermen. Not only are their catches in decline, especially for those who fish near the shore, they also have to compete with other commercial trawlers, water pollution, dangerous labor […]

Where Did My Fish Come From?

See those juicy, plump prawns in your laksa. Ever wondered where they came from? Or what about the ikan bakar that just arrived hot, smoky, and charred together with that side of sambal on your outdoor table? Here in Malaysia, we are blessed with lots of coastal lines and with it, lots of seafood.  We […]