Killing seafood pathogens

Like it or hate it, raw seafood is enjoyed around the world in a multitude of cuisines. It commonly makes an appearance in dishes such as sushi and tartare, consumed as clams or oysters on the half shell, or used in marinated dishes like ceviche. These dishes, considered ready-to-eat, also run the risk of causing […]

More Than Just A Trade Fair

We’re just two months away from Malaysia’s largest food and beverage (F&B) focused event and the heat is building up. WIth more than 600 companies from over 50 countries participating at the fair, the 20th edition of the Malaysian International Food & Beverage (MIFB) 2019 Trade Fair is expected to be the biggest one yet. […]

Boundless Opportunities At MIFB 2019 Trade Fair

Suffice to say the food industry encompasses almost everything that is anything. However, the actual harvesting and creation of edible products are not all the sector is about. There is also the equipment, technology, business-savvy, innovation and processes that makeup what is probably the oldest industry in the world. After all, man cannot live without […]

Honey, Your Body Needs It

Honey is a thick, sweet liquid and tastes like a gift from the gods, and is deemed one of nature’s finest products. For over 5,000 years, it has been used to heal burns, wounds and other skin ailments due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. But that is not all it is good for. Sharon […]

Hungry For Automation

Automating food processes can reap many benefits. With highly competitive retailers constantly trying to reduce prices, to soaring raw material costs and rising utility charges in a labour-intensive industry, food processing companies should be looking at ways to automate their processes. For these companies, reducing the quality of their product to save costs is not an […]

Running A Commercial Kitchen

With the rising popularity of reality TV shows featuring budding restaurateurs opening restaurants, more and more people are considering entering the food and beverage business. The kitchen is the heart and soul of a restaurant. It’s the place where food gets prepped, cooked, plated or dished out before being served to hungry customers. No matter […]

Detecting Pathogens In Seafood & Fishery

The seafood business is continuously growing, especially the export market. The United States (US) is the third largest seafood consumer in the world after China and Japan. Popular seafood products consumed there were shrimp, canned tuna, salmon, pollock, tilapia, and catfish, among others. With the steady increase in both consumption and seafood importation over the past few decades, […]

Mimicking Meat

Whether you are practicing vegetarianism, veganism or Meatless Mondays, enjoying a meat-free meal can help reduce your carbon footprint on this planet. Also known as alternative meats or analogue meats, these food items are essentially plant-based but have the texture, flavour or chemical properties of actual meat. According to a market report, the global meat […]

Malaysia Can Command The Halal Industry

The general perception is that the word “halal” only applies to the food and beverage industry. In reality though, halal is the manner of producing goods and services that is syariah or Islamic-law compliant, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Although halal standards can be applied across all industries, halal awareness and observance have been the highest […]

Are Microwave Ovens Safe?

Almost every home and office has a microwave oven ready to be used to reheat or cook food. The convenience they offer is undeniable. Yet despite their widespread usage, people still have doubts over their safety. These ovens use microwaves produced inside them by an electron tube called a magnetron. Microwaves are high frequency radio waves […]