What Halal Food and Beverage Producers needs to know?

Ingredients and processing are the main concern for consumers as well as manufacturers to produce consumable Halal food and beverage products. People often confine their thoughts on the topic strictly to meat, and as well as harvesting activities. A lesser-known segment of the Halal food industry involves the production of Halal non-meat foods and Halal […]

Japanese Halal Food Products

“Halal” is the Arabic word for “permissible” and “lawful” by the Sharia law which sets out Muslim norms. With the Halal-certified logo on the food and beverage packaging, our Muslim friends can purchase with confidence and peace of mind. The Muslim population in Japan numbers 180,000 people. Clearly, this community will have a big influence […]

What It Takes To Be Halal

So as we know by now, halal does not just apply to the food and beverage (F&B) industry. However, since this is an F&B blog, let’s focus on just this aspect. We can’t just call our products “halal” on a whim, even if you follow the halal methods of preparing food and drinks. In fact […]

What Makes Halal Meat Different From Regular Meat?

First of all, we need to understand what the “Halal” concept actually means. The Quran and Sunnah says that Halal is defined as lawful or permissible to use or to engage in. In other words, it is any action or concept that is allowed in the Muslim faith and encompasses more than just-food. According to […]