Condiments for a flavoured food

What are Condiments? A condiment is a spice, sauce, or spice mixture that is mainly added to different food dishes to contribute a specific flavour, to improve its flavour, or in some nations, to supplement the dish. For example, food items such as pickles, sauces, mustards are considered to be condiments. Besides that, there are […]

The Importance of Spices 

What’s the definition of spices? Spices are known for their aromatic flavourings and seasoning in each dish. Spices are usually made from dried seeds, fruits and roots of a plant. The common types of spices are garlic powder, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric and ground black pepper. For your information, spices have been known for their trade […]

Sustainable ways to tackle food waste

Many other markets are increasingly turning to the power of food cultures as an additional quality hurdle to protect their brand and reduce waste. Food wastage is a global problem and a challenge in Asia, particularly in the more developed economies in the region. The rapid urbanisation in Asia will likely see about 550 million […]

Food Flavours are Innovating

When researching upcoming trends that are about to influence the industry, food flavour companies must work upwards in advance. The covid-19 pandemic has reached every part of lives and the flavours consumer crave are no exception. Here’s what we found about the flavours that are expected to tickle out taste buds in 2021! Flavours for […]

Innovations and Consumer Trends in the Coffee industry

The coffee industry is both valuable and expanding.   The International Coffee Organisation’s (ICO) Coffee Market Report of February 2021 showed that world coffee consumption is projected to increase by 1.3% to 166.63 million bags as social distancing measures remain in place, limiting out-of-home consumption, and the global economy recovers at a slow pace. As […]

Rise of Innovations on Sustainable F&B Packaging

Plastic packaging has been a major concern worldwide.   While plastic packaging is considered not environmentally friendly, a demand strikes for different sustainable packaging solutions in the food and beverage industry.   Food and beverage companies are getting on board to invest in sustainable packaging solutions to improve the management of paper and plastic waste, […]

Key trends that will shape the global Food, Beverage and Food Service industries

It’s expected the global trend will be having a major change in the food and beverage industry in a decade. Consumers further priorities having a plant-based diet on a daily meal, it shows that they have a better understanding of the changes that occur in the food trend over the years. Meanwhile, with consumers expected […]

Importance of Food Traceability in the Food and Beverage industry

Food traceability is defined as the highest possibility of historical tracking in food products such as raw and semi-finished items which are able to ensure all the finished products are safe for consumption. The dramatic increase in global trading and the complexity of supply chains has caused several issues concerning the authentication of food.With the […]

E-Trade Is the Saviour In The Current Situation

The internet is no more the new frontier, it is the frontier as more and more people are preferring to do all their shopping online, including their food shopping. This does not just mean ordering their groceries online but also ordering their meals using their electronic devices. And picking them up on the go, whether […]

An Overview Of Pasteurization

Back in the 1800s, milk was being mass-produced to meet consumer demands. However, with this great production came a lot of milk-borne diseases linked to consuming raw milk. This prompted scientists and wives across Europe to find ways to make the milk they feed their families safe for consumption. Enter a French scientist Louis Pasteur […]