Latte Art Throwdown

Latte Art Throwdown is a fun and fast-paced competition between latte artist who will showcase their talents are producing their best at latte art. Competitors will be drawn out at the start in pairs and the winner of each pair will go on to the next level until only two remain and finally a Champion will be announced. The latte art is free pour and is judged based on balance, symmetry, colour infusion and definition, use of space and overall impression by a panel of judges.

Rules & Regulations:  Competition Format (Round Robin)


  1. This is a FREE POUR contest, strictly no etching and other decorations.
  2. Barista will only have 3 minutes for each round.
  3. Unlimited tries in 3 minutes, but present the best art at the end of the 3 minutes.
  4. Cups (8oz) will be provided by the organizer.
  5. Pitcher will not be provided throughout the competition.
  6. Barista will pull their own espresso shots and froth their own milk.
  7. Barista will have to serve the latte art produced to the judge table.
  8. Kindly Register yourselves at the Registration booth located at the Event Venue by 10.00am on during the Competition Day

Day 1 | Preliminaries: 64 Participants

  1. Format: Round-Robin Format, where barista will be competing against each other according to the random art selected. Random arts are: i) Basic Layered Heart ii) 5 layer tulip iii) Rosetta
  2. There will be 64 baristas.
  3. 64 baristas will be divided into 16 groups of 4.
  4. Baristas will have 6 rounds to compete against each other within the group.
  5. The barista that have the most points will proceed to the next Round.
  6. Additional round will be carry out for tie breaker in group stage.


– Judge will be given 3 seconds to decide simultaneously which art is better.

– Contestants will be needed to serve a clean cup and art facing the Judge, any coffee stains seem visible around the cup to the judge will automatically lose the round.

Day 2 | Group Stage: 32 Participants

Day 2 | Quarter Finals: Top 16

Day 3 | Semi-Finals: Top 4

Format: Point System & Round Robin Format Contestants will have to choose and pour their best Latte Art. 2 Identical Cups.

Judging: Judges will be given marking sheets with points to each of the criteria:

– Technical

– Symmetry

– Contrast

– Creativity

– Appeal